If you desire to have the ideal man, you have to make yourself the ideal woman.

You can be the perfect girlfriend for him if you follow the tips below

1. Don’t act like his mother. He hates it when you try to dictate to him.

2. Don’t be a clingy girlfriend. Give him space.

3. Call him everyday.

4. Don’t talk about his flaws with your friends.

5. Brag about his amazing qualities.

6. Introduce him as your boyfriend.

7. Listen to him.

8. Always tell him that you love him.

9. Be interested in knowing things about him.

10. Never say things that you will regret later.

11. Pay attention to what makes him happy.

12. Be independent. Don’t rely on him for every little thing.

13. Appreciate the little things he does for you.

14. Dress good so he will be happy to be around you always.

15. Try to put yourself in his shoes.

16. Be clear and upfront about what you want. Don’t assume he should know.

17. Respect him.

18. Compliment him.

19. Be faithful and don’t give him reasons to be jealous.

20. Like his friends or at least pretend to like them. Lol.

21. Cook him great meals.

22. Surprise him with gifts.

23. Don’t compare him to your ex-boyfriends.

24. Don’t take him for granted.

25. Remember his birthday.

26. Encourage him to pursue his dreams.

27. Be understanding and patient with him.

28. Win the affection of his friends.



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