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The woman of my dreams in one sentence— she doesn’t exist. And if she does, then I’d be the luckiest man on earth and I wouldn’t spend a second of my life not spending the rest of my life with her.

I wish I can tell you about the woman of my dreams but words can’t explain it enough. I wish there is a technology that can picture my mind so I can show you this woman of my dreams. My dad (like every dad) also told me told me that dreams do come true but this is one dream that I’ve never woken from.

People say you cannot get a perfect woman or even a perfect human in this life but I’m sorry to disappoint you because the woman of my dreams is perfect (oh! Maybe that’s why she doesn’t exist); or maybe she does exist but I haven’t searched the right places.

Sometimes she gives me that mirage feeling; that is I can see her but can’t touch her.

Have the smile of a woman made your soul delight in passion?

Have you ever seen a beauty that would make you protect her even before you think of yourself?

Have you ever seen a woman whose gentleness would make you do the impossible just to avoid seeing even a drop of tear roll down her eyes?

Her laughter would give you joy and her happiness is more important than the riches of this world.

I’m just trying to let you into my world; but these are just glimpses; you would never get the full picture.

The woman of my dreams is one that would even make you happy in her absence.

Of all the billion women that exist, she’s the woman of my dreams. I don’t know if she really does exist or she’s just a product of my very weird imagination.

Even a perfect love movie scene can’t match our bond; no imagination can; not even mine.

But I do know what I want and I know that I’d see that woman of my dreams. But the hard part is “am I the man of her dreams?” *Face palmed*

In reality, there is no perfect woman but you can find that woman who suits you perfectly.


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