If you desire to see your relationship grow, applying these tips in your relationship is exactly what you should do.

Below are 25 tips that would help your relationship

1. Compliment your partner always.

2. Make your partner your best friend.

3. Go on weekly dates with your partner.

4. Never speak badly about your partner to your friends or family. You should protect your partner.

5. Avoid flirting with others.

6. Learn to forgive and forget when your partner wrongs you. Never bring up the past.

7. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

8. Respect is important in every relationship. Treat your partner with respect.

9. You have to be willing to compromise.

10. Avoid taking your partner for granted.

11. Kiss and hug your partner always. A kiss in the morning, before going to work and when you are back from work is important.

12. Listen to your partner.

13. Focus on the good qualities your partner has.

14. Help your partner with house chores.

15. Think before you speak because words spoken can’t be retrieved.

16. Do things together as a couple.

17. Hold hands often.

18. Don’t let anger ruin things. Express yourself when you are not happy about something in a peaceful way.

19. Pay attention to the small details. You should notice your partner’s new hairstyle, a new dress and things like that.

20. Always say “thank you” when your partner helps you out with stuffs.

21. Avoid frowning always. Smile often.

22. Send your partner love notes every day.

23. Don’t say anything when you are angry. It’s easy to say hurtful words when you are angry. Talk about issues when you have had time to cool off and you can think more clearly.

24. Express your love and appreciation to your partner every day.

25. Never keep secrets. Always communicate openly and honestly with your partner.



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