Choosing a partner you want to marry and start a family with isn’t a decision you should make in a hurry.

It’s one of the most important decisions you will make in life and it’s necessary you look for the right things.

Here are 25 qualities the person you want to marry should have

1. He/she should support your passions and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

2. He/she should be honest because no marriage can survive without honesty.

3. He/she should respect your beliefs and values.

4. He/she should trust you.

5. He/she should be loyal to you because you need a spouse who will always fight for you.

6. He/she should be easy to be with.

7. He/she should be someone you can depend on. Having an irresponsible spouse will lead to an unhealthy marriage.

8. He/she should be someone you can have fun with.

9. He/she should be mature because marriage isn’t for kids but for two adults.

10. He/she should be ambitious.

11. He/she should accept who you are and not try to mould you into who you are not.

12. He/she should make time together with you a priority because no marriage will survive without proper care and attention.

13. He/she should be willing to make compromises. Having a partner who is too rigid is a catalyst for an unhealthy marriage.

14. He/she should be faithful because infidelity destroys marriage.

15. He/she should allow you to be you and not restrict you from being who you are.

16. He/she should feel comfortable enough to confide in you with all of their fears and secrets.

17. He/she should be someone who owns to his/her mistakeĀ  and not someone who looks to place the blames on others.

18. He/she should value your opinion.

19. He/she should treat your family with respect.

20. He/she shouldn’t be someone who loves to hold grudges.

21. He/she should be selfless and give without expecting anything in return.

22. He/she should be attracted to you physically.

23. He/she should share your vision for the future.

24. He/she should be someone who forgives easily.

25. He/she should be able to argue in a productive way without shouting or getting overly defensive.