Getting married at some time in a woman’s life is like a dream come true; almost every woman wants to be married at one point and look forward to having a beautiful family with a man she loves and admires.

However, it doesn’t always end at dreaming of being a ‘Mrs’, there are so many things and many expectations a lot of women have in mind before getting married. Below are some of them:

1. She wants a marriage that would be filled with happiness and togetherness for the rest of her life.

2. She wants her man to always love her, during the good and bad times.

3. She wants her man to be faithful to her all through; it would break her heart to discover that her man cheats on her.

4. She would want to be the pride of her man and would want him to always stand up for her.

5. She wants to be respected.

6. She wants her man to not only be a loving husband but also a wonderful father.

7. She looks forward to having kids with her man and having a wonderful family together

8. She wants to be a proud wife and mother.

9. She wants to enjoy sex with her man and her man alone.

10. She wants her man to always remain attracted to her and see her as beautiful.

11. She wants to build a marriage with her man where she can easily share her views and be understood.

12. She wants to be listened to.

13. She doesn’t want her man to hide anything from her; she wants to be his go-to woman.

14. She wants her man to support her dreams, just as she would support his.

15. She doesn’t want the marriage to turn sour after a couple of years; no woman wants that.

16. She wants her man to love her irrespective of her flaws.

17. Rather than condemn her, she wants a man who would correct her and help build a better her.

18. She wants to be valued, loved and cherished. She doesn’t want her man’s love for her to ever fade.

19. She wants her man to be a responsible father.

20. She wants to have meaningful and deep conversations with her man. She wants a man who would understand her and never be too busy for her.

21. She wants her man to be able to forgive her.

22. She wants her man to always treat her like he’s still trying to win her heart; that’s how he would show that he still values her.

23. She still wants to have fun and good times with her man.


At the point of saying ‘I do’, these thoughts and many more go through her head.

These are just a summary of what a woman wants when she agrees to be your wife.