I’ve come to understand that life is valuable, and it’s even more valuable when you understand that with each second spent, is a time that can never be replaced — so each second spent is either being invested or wasted.

Unfortunately, many people spend their time doing terrible things to themselves, to their minds and to their bodies.

This article will focus on the terrible things you should stop doing to your mind.

Your mind will always believe and act on what you feed it with; feed it with the right things and it’ll produce the right results, feed it with the wrong things and it’ll produce the wrong results.

These are 22 things you stop doing to yourself:

1. Stop trying to be someone else; it’s a waste of who you are.

2. Stop lying to yourself; deceiving yourself is the height of foolishness that will take you nowhere.

3. Stop spending time with people who won’t add value to your life. If you have one life to live, why waste it on people who don’t have purpose, or people whose vision are only shortsighted when you have a vision that’s way bigger than theirs.

4. Stop wasting time and resources on things that won’t add any value to your life.

5. Stop running away from your problems. Running won’t take that problem away; face that problem and tackle it head on.

6. Stop waiting for happiness to come to you; it wouldn’t. Be alive and happy every single day, that’s how you find happiness.

7. Stop being idle and start being productive. Do something productive every day.

8. Stop believing that you aren’t good enough; remember that you are what you believe.

9. Stop entering the wrong relationships; your feelings, emotions and your life should only be shared with someone who’s worth it.

10. Stop being weak, lazy and unprepared. If you must be the best representation of yourself then you must be focused and give your all.

11. Stop competing with people; life isn’t a competition.

12. Stop complaining, stop wishing and stop regretting.

13. Stop being afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes only show that you are putting efforts. You should be worried when you aren’t making any mistake at all.

14. Stop judging others, stop envying and stop being jealous.

15. Stop holding grudges against people; you’d suffer it the most. Let your heart be free.

16. Stop wasting your life trying to please others.

17. Stop making the same mistakes. Learn from each experience.

18. Stop blaming others for your failures; you are absolutely responsible for every choice and decision you make.

19. Don’t forget to enjoy certain moments with friends, family and people that matter to you.

20. Stop holding on to the past and stop living in regrets. Forgive yourself of your past mistakes and move on.

21. Stop trying to make things perfect, stop overthinking, stop worrying and stop trying to control things that are above your reach.

22. Stop being ungrateful and enjoy the gift called life.




  1. Great stuff, very inspiring and helpful

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