happy couple

The little things really matter when it comes to a relationship and if you want to build a happy and long-lasting relationship with your partner, you should pay attention to the little things.

Here are 21 little things you can do to make your relationship last

1. Bring back some of the special things you did when you started dating your partner.

2. Always say thank you to your partner even when your partner did something that is his or her duty.

3. Exercise together.

4. Remember how you could have a conversation for hours with your partner when you started dating? You shouldn’t stop doing that.

5. Your relationship needs a little public display of affection. Hold your partner’s hand or put your arms around your partner in public.

6. Never make fun of your partner in public.

7. Always make an effort to know details about your partner’s day. It’s a great way of building understanding and rapport in your relationship.

8. Resist the urge to always complain. Overlook small annoyances.

9. When you and your partner have a misunderstanding, be willing to settle your differences. Avoid doing things that can make the fight worse.

10. Perform small acts of kindness.

11. Participate in each other’s hobbies.

12. Spend a weekend out of town together.

13. Always kiss your partner.

14. Always compliment your partner.

15. Laugh together.

16. See a movie together.

17. Find an activity the both of you enjoy and participate in it together.

18. Always keep your promise. It’s better not to make a promise than make one and fail to keep it.

19. Your partner should come first most of the times.

20. Write love notes.

21. Be polite when making a request. Make sure you ask, rather than demand.