We’ve heard all sorts of stories about friends. We’ve had people give different definitions of who a friend truly is, and what a friend’s role should be in any given friendship.

Some people think a friend is the one that’s available for use always, and others think it’s simply someone who can be there at any given time. I agree with both definitions, but I agree more with the latter. A friend is someone who you can trust to always be there; someone who can support you regardless the situation, and I mean in every sense of the word. If you have a friend yet they can’t give you that basic provision, then, they’re either misinformed or they’re just taking you for a ride.

A friend should be your adviser, your protector, your confidant, and your company. A true friend is that one who really has your best interest at heart. This brings to mind the debate on whether or not one should tell their friend if they have proof their (friend’s) partner is cheating on them.

Most people are strongly not in support of this happening because they think it’s not a friend’s place to say stuff like that, as they believe it could lead to the end of their friend’s relationship or even the friendship. But should we then watch our friend get played and disrespected knowing well we could stop that from happening? Why then are you a friend? If you are truly a friend shouldn’t your priority be making sure your buddy is happy, and gets what they deserve?

Nobody deserves to be with someone who will not respect them, and if you can help your friend stay away from that sort of trouble, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Call me whatever you like, but I’ll never be happy with myself if I have proof that my friend is being cheated on and I do nothing about it. I will give you the information, now, what you decide to do with it is your problem. That is the way it should be. I know that sometimes people who call themselves ‘friends’ lust after the woman of their buddies, and will do anything to get her even if it means laying false allegations against her, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear them when they bring this information to us. Like I said before now, listen to them, veracity of the allegation, then make your decision. We should stop putting a limit to how far friends should go to support and look out for each other so we do not misinform the future generations. Unless your friend isn’t really your friend, there’s no limit to what their roles are in your life as long as it is in your best interest.


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