Back in 1998, 14-year-old Donald had a crush on a teenage girl, Prisca who was around his age and lived just across his street. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen; and surely the only girl he thought about every night before he went to bed.

She attended a different school from his, she was the only child of her family and was so protected that Prisca could hardly take a walk in the street every evening like all the kids in the area do; so the only place he could actually see her was really in his dreams. Donald then thought to himself that the only way he could actually get a chance to talk to this charming lady of his was if he went to the same school with her.

He tried to convince his parents to let him change school to the highly rated school Prisca went to but to no avail. He finally knew that his parents won’t give in, so he came up with a bright idea, he became good friends with Prisca’s cousin that also lived not too far off. In his imagination, if he could get close to Samson (Prisca’s cousin) then he could get close to his jewel, and it really worked.

He then became friends with Prisca soon enough but that wasn’t just what he wanted; but he was too shy to tell her how he felt. One day, he summed up courage and wrote one of the best love letters a boy in the 90’s era would ever write, he slipped it in Prisca’s hands and ran as fast as he could; he couldn’t stand the way his heart was beating, and definitely couldn’t stand her saying ‘no’ to him; so all he could do was run. Prisca found the love letter very romantic and she couldn’t wait to see him the next day, she was bewildered that he even ran away.

She said yes to him in a love letter too, though she replied him a week later and the love birds were each other’s first love and it stayed so for a very long time. They did everything together, and couldn’t wait to see each as there was no social media and mobile phone to really keep in touch. When Donald was 18 and just got admission into the university, Prisca was just 17 and was just rounding up her high school education; Donald vowed not to forget her and she believed. But the temptations and lifestyle of the university changed Donald till he gradually forgot his first love and their teenage love ended just about when they were going into their 20’s.

Fast forward to 2014, Donald stumbled on an old pic of his first love and he stared at the picture for ten minutes in a very bemusing way as old memories lighted up his brain. He has moved on since then but that ‘first love’ feeling is one that he just wouldn’t forget and he’s pretty sure she hasn’t forgotten it too. Not that he doesn’t love his present lady, but his first love was just different.

People still remember their first love after many years and just put up a smile; while a few would still love to date that first love now that they are older, most have settled in relationships but would still smile when he/she comes across a first love.

The reasons why first loves are always unique are as follows;

1. Older people fall in love for various reasons, probably even for wrong reasons but for young people in love, it’s all about emotions.

2. At that young age, you are sincere about your feelings and just want to be happy, and you also do anything to make your love happy.

3. At that young age, the feelings are natural and it just isn’t about sex; but at a more mature age you would get to find out that sex would always be in the picture.

4. At that early age, there is this inseparable bond that makes the young ones think about each other a lot and just can’t wait for the next moment to be with each other.

Not that the first love encounter is always picture perfect; of course there would be highs and lows, jealousy and anger, and lots of things but they pay attention to details a lot and are ready to sacrifice for each other, and these are tips everyone in a relationship should learn.

There are so many positives you can take from your behaviour when you were with your first love as listed in those four tips above, and they would do your relationship a lot good.

Note: The characters used in this article are just fictional and an imagination of the writer.

Who was your first love? Do you still remember your first love?




  1. matovu harriet | April 16, 2018 at 12:35 pm | Reply

    how can i forget about my past ex who broke my heart after having wedded another person and again after wedding came back to me apologizing?

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