couple with rose

A romantic woman is the type that thrills her man. While other women wait to be wowed, a romantic woman wows her man — and she would always have a special place in his heart.

These are some of the ways you can be a romantic woman.

1. Be affectionate and let him know that he’s the king of your heart; he would love this.

2. Gift him with an item you know he’s lacking but needs. This would show that you are thoughtful

3. Cook him a surprise dinner. Every man would love this.

4. Tell him you love him when he least expects.

5. Pay attention to him. Men love attention too.

6. Let him know you are attracted to him.

7. Call him a sweet romantic name.

8. Give him a massage after a stressful day at work.

9. A candlelight dinner always does the trick.

10. Be interested in him, and show interest in what he does.

11. See him as handsome.

12. Text him when he’s at work or when you are apart. Send him a short message revealing how much you love him, or how much you miss him.

13. Compliment him when he’s looking good; he would love this.

14. Appreciate him in front of people who matter to you and him. He would find this special.

15. Take him out on a surprised, unplanned date.

16. Send him a sweet message for no reason.

17. Look beautiful for him.

18. Spice up the experience in the bedroom.

19. If you have kids together, let your kids know he’s special.

20. Call him special.


This is how you thrill your man; if he’s the right man for you, he would love you so much for this.