The effect people have on you can make you go far in life or struggle. While we are responsible for our actions and the results we tend to get from those actions, the effect of the people close to you can bring you down or lift you up, one way or the other.

These are some things you shouldn’t let people do to you:

1. Never let people tell you that you can’t make it; your making it in life is up to you.

2. Never let people tell you that you aren’t good enough; you are as good as people say you are.

3. Never let people interfere with your relationship. So many good relationships have been lost for this reason.

4. Never let people kill your confidence and self-worth. You can’t go far when you have no confidence.

5. Never let anyone tell you it’s impossible. There would be no invention today if every inventor believed it was impossible.

6. Never let anyone make you believe your dream is too big.

7. Stop letting negative people kill your positivity with their negative energy.

8. Stop letting people deceive you with their fake lives. Don’t be carried away by what people say.

9. Don’t let people belittle you because of your past mistakes and failures. Don’t give them that room; learn from your past, be better, work hard and achieve that which you should.

10. Don’t let any partner or ex partner trick you into thinking you can’t do without them.

11. Don’t let anyone steal your joy, peace and happiness.

12. Don’t let anyone steer you away from your dreams, goals, passion and vision.

13. Never let anyone use and dump you or treat you like trash; you are more valuable than you think.

14. Never let anyone control your future because of your past mistakes.

15. Don’t let people make you lose focus and belief because of what they say; people would always talk. It’s up to you to keep working.

16. Don’t let people continually take advantage of you, because if you give them the chance they’d never stop.

17. Don’t be in a hurry to prove anyone wrong. Take your time and work hard on what you want to achieve. Your success will prove them wrong.

18. Don’t let anyone kill your silence. Silence is the language of the wise and empty barrels make the loudest noise.

19. Don’t let people make you live a life of hate. Even if they push you to hate, live in love.

20. Don’t let people make you live an unforgiving life. Learn to forgive and learn from past experiences.


It’s your life to live; don’t let people live it for you.