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We make the most mistakes of our lives during our 20s but these mistakes have made me a better person today because I gained a bit of wisdom from these experiences.

Here are 20 things I wish I had known during my 20s

1. There is a whole world at your feet. Don’t limit yourself.

2. Don’t change for anyone. People should like you for who you are.

3. Don’t hold on to someone who wants to leave.

4. It’s okay to be scared but don’t let your fear consume you.

5. Be flexible. Avoid being too rigid.

6. You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself. Learn to love yourself.

7. Be kind. Never ignore people in need.

8. Experience new cultures as it helps you mature and grow wiser.

9. Surround yourself with smart people.

10. Don’t be a people-pleaser. Learn to say no when it’s not convenient for you.

11. Don’t rely on anyone in life.

12. Learn to be patient.

13. Mind who you trust. Not everyone who is nice to you deserves your trust.

14. Choose your friends wisely.

15. Do not enter a relationship between you feel lonely.

16. Sex is pleasurable but it can also ruin your life.

17. Embrace your flaws.

18. No knowledge is a waste. Seek knowledge.

19. Live a healthy life. Eat healthy and exercise.

20. Set goals.



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