Here are signs that can tell if you are falling out of love with your partner

1. You can’t have a conversation with your partner without getting angry. You find yourself getting angry easily over nothing.

2. You don’t enjoy having a conversation with your partner. Conversations with your partner are now too boring.

3. You don’t even care if your partner is cheating on you.

4. You avoid being alone with your partner.

5. You no longer care about your partner’s wants and needs and only focus on yourself.

6. You don’t respect your partner anymore.

7. You don’t trust your partner anymore.

8. Your friends, family and job come before your partner. Your partner is no longer your priority and always comes last.

9. Everything your partner says or does gets on your nerves.

10. You are not interested in spending time with your partner and don’t create time to be with your partner.

11. You never have something positive to say about your partner when with friends. You find yourself always complaining to your friends about your partner.

12. Making love with your partner no longer excites you.

13. You lie you are single.

14. You avoid talking about the future with your partner.

15. You can’t imagine yourself spending the rest of your life with your partner.

16. If there are issues in your relationship, you don’t bother fixing them.

17. Being in the relationship no longer excites you. It now feels like an obligation.

18. You find it difficult saying “I love you”.

19. Communication between you and your partner is less frequent.

20. Hearing your partner say “I love you” makes you uncomfortable.