Infidelity and physical violence are common signs that show you are in a toxic relationship but there are other more subtle signs that can reveal your relationship is toxic.

Below are 19 signs you are in a toxic relationship

1. You feel frightened to share your opinion because you are afraid of your partner’s reaction.

2. Your partner always calls the shots and you never have your way in the relationship.

3. Your partner takes you for granted.

4. Your partner talks you down in front of others.

5. Your partner punches the wall or throws objects during arguments.

6. Your partner is dishonest and lies always.

7. Your partner’s conversations with you is always centred around him/her. Your partner rarely bothers to talk about you.

8. Your partner always compares you to others and never sees the good in you.

9. Your partner openly flirts with other people even when you are around.

10. Your partner lets his/her family disrespect you.

11. Your partner spends more time on the phone than he/she spends with you.

12. You feel drained by your partner’s constant negativity.

13. Your partner never defends you but constantly criticises you.

14. Your partner always threatens to quit the relationship after every argument.

15. Your partner always makes you choose between him/her and your friends.

16. You have constant arguments with your partner and your disagreements with your partner don’t get resolved.

17. You always go the extra mile for your partner but your partner never does the same for you.

18. Your partner hits you.

19. You can’t be yourself around your partner.