11. Never let him send a message or answer a phone call from his girlfriend when he is drunk. He might ruin his relationship or reputation at that state and brothers don’t let that happen to brothers.

12. Always protect his girlfriend and never allow someone else mess with his chick.

13. Never ever contemplate sleeping with his girlfriend because the guy-code doesn’t permit that.

14. It’s your duty to ensure he knows how to approach a lady. Brothers don’t let fellow brothers mess themselves up when approaching a lady. It’s your duty to help him become the man all the ladies want.

15. Never start a relationship with his ex except you get his permission. It’s against the guy-code to do that.

16. Bros trust each other with their lives and you shall do all you can to maintain that trust.

17. Never leave a bro dry if he is broke. The guy-code expects you to be there for him.

18. A bro shall never be deprived of holy water. If he is unable to get himself beer, other bros shall cover him.

19. We understand you need to have a girlfriend and spend quality time with her but the guy-code says you should never let a girlfriend come between brothers. Girlfriends come and go but a brother would always be there.

Be the best friend. Brothers for life.