All guys grow up with these unwritten rules and these rules are the reasons why guys never joke with their pals.

Below are 19 rules every guy should live by

1. Never ever tell his girlfriend his whereabouts, he should do that himself. If you know his whereabouts, keep it to yourself and let him sort it with his lady.

2. Every guy needs to watch out for his friends and you ought to do that for him. That’s the reason guys call friends brothers.

3. Respect his parents, his girlfriend, his house and his car no matter what happens.

4. Never get into an intimate relationship with his sister or his mother, they are supposed to be out of bounds if you are his friend.

5. Never let him feel ashamed even if he got hooked with the chick he wasn’t supposed to hook up with. Learn to make excuses for him.

6. Always give him an honest answer if he needs your opinion on any subject.

7. You must do all you can from protecting him from dating a lady he shouldn’t date. Chances are he could be drunk or blind at that point and he needs you to rescue him.

8. You have to do whatever it takes to make him look as a superhero. No one should know his weaknesses except you.

9. Never let him down in front of a lady, guys don’t do that.

10. Everything a bro does in a drunken state is justified and should be forgiven.

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