confident man in an interview

Gaining people’s trust in today’s world where trust is almost extinct requires a lot.

People would feel comfortable with you when they trust you, they would love you more and treat you with respect.

People would trust you more when they see the following characters in you.

1. You treat people just as you want to be treated.

2. You do what you say, and don’t make empty promises. People would trust you more when they know that you can be accountable to your words.

3. You are a good listener.

4. You aren’t quick to pass judgement on people.

5. You are a driven person.

6. You respect everyone you come across.

7. You treat even your subordinates kindly.

8. You get the job done and you are competent at what you do.

9. You see the good in people, and not only castigate them for the wrong they do.

10. You are a person of integrity.

11. You try to be fair and transparent in your dealings with people.

12. You truly appreciate the what people do for you, no matter how little.

13. You are interested in people, and show attention and affection to other people’s plight.

14. You aren’t selfish and self-centred.

15. You are someone people can work with. You aren’t a snub and you aren’t bossy.

16. You are confident.

17. You are charismatic.

18. You accept constructive criticism and you are open to feedback.

19. You manage resources well; especially time and money — two things the world revolves around.


Have you ever asked yourself why some people are deemed trustworthy, and others aren’t? It lies in what they do and what people see them as.

These characters above would make people truly trust you.