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If you want to be a strong and powerful woman, you need to understand that you need to start living life differently. Powerful women don’t get powerful by doing what every woman out there does but they became powerful by possessing some the trait below.

Below are 18 things powerful women do differently

1. Powerful women work hard, play hard and rest hard.

2. Powerful women trust themselves

3. Powerful women don’t stay in their comfort zone, they love taking risks.

4. Powerful women know their thoughts about the past won’t change anything so they are always future-focused.

5. Powerful women don’t surround themselves with ‘yes people’ but with people who are ready to tell them the bitter truth no matter how hard.

6. Powerful women love travelling. They don’t see travelling as a form of luxury but they see it instead as a form of education because they get to experience new places, new cultures and get new ideas.

7. Powerful women push themselves to the limit.

8. Powerful women always desire to experience something new.

9. Powerful women don’t allow a bad childhood determine their future.

10. Powerful women know the importance of loving themselves.

11. Powerful women don’t beg for fish but they learn to fish instead. They know the importance of being self-sufficient.

12. Powerful women don’t rest on their laurels and they also don’t let those around them rest on theirs.

13. Powerful women would apologise for their behaviour but never for who they are.

14. Powerful women are grateful for every thing life offers them.

15. Powerful women don’t stand still but constantly seek for ways to improve themselves.

16. Powerful women know how to get their point across effectively.

17. Powerful women believe in having good friends and always give 100% to their friends, expecting the same in return.

18. Powerful women don’t have problems letting go. They always know when it’s time to let go.