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Some have huge boobs while others have smaller boobs. Some love it big while others love it small but you probably didn’t know these facts about the boobs.

Check out 16 facts about the boobs that you should know

1. The size of your boobs changes every month due to hormones change during your period and ovulation. These hormones change can cause bigger boobs.

2. After your first period, your boobs grow for two to four more years.

3. If you have nipple hair, no need to feel ashamed about it because it’s absolutely normal.

4. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

5. All nipples are not the same. There are eight different kinds of nipples. Flat nipple, inverted nipple and puffy nipple are some of the kinds of nipple we have.

6. If you have ever wondered what the female boobs is made of, no need worrying anymore. The female boobs are made of nerves, fat, veins, connective tissue, breast tissue and arteries.

7. Do you have an extra nipple? No need to worry because you are not alone. Six percent of people have an extra nipple.

8. I know you already know breast milk comes out from the nipple but I bet you didn’t know that the nipple has 15 to 20 openings for breast milk to come out of and these openings are called lobes.

9. Sleeping facedown can affect the shape of your boobs over time.

10. Ever wondered why your nipple is darker than the rest of your breast? The nipple and areola are darker than the rest of your breast because they are heavily pigmented.

11. The largest bra size in the world is 102ZZZ.

12. The left boobs of most women is bigger than their right.

13. The reason why men have nipples is because all humans start out as a generic embryo.

14. You have Montgomery glands on your breasts. They are those small bumps you find on your areola. The Montgomery glands produce a natural oils that cleans, lubricates and protects the nipple during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

15. Nipples can get darker during pregnancy due to hormones.

16. Smoking isn’t good for your boobs as it can cause sagging.