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Every woman wants to feel special and expects her man to treat her like a queen but it’s also important you make your man feel special too.

Hearing this from you regularly would make your man want to be a better man and treat you better.

Here are 16 things every woman should tell her man regularly

1. “I’m proud of you.” This will definitely make your man feel special.

2. “I love the way you look in that shirt.” Your man wants to know you find him attractive.

3. “I trust and appreciate you.” Every man wants to know his partner trust him.

4. “I am happy I met you because you are so special.”

5. “I love how safe you make me feel.”

6. “I’m happy we are together.”

7. “I believe you.”

8. “I love waking up next to you.”

9. “I am sorry.” Don’t be too proud to apologise when you are wrong.

10. “I love how you smile.”

11. “I forgive you.” Your man would make mistakes sometimes so it’s important you forgive him.

12. “I trust you to do the right thing.” This tells him you trust his judgement.

13. “You are the kind of dad I want my children to have.” This tells him you see qualities of a good father in him.

14. “Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me.” This tells him you don’t regret meeting him.

15. “I love spending time with you.” He wants to know you enjoy his company.

16. “I love you.” This is a must. You should say this several times daily.