So you proposed to that wonderful lady and your wedding is just some weeks away, there are certain wedding planning processes you should know as the groom.

Below are 15 tips every groom should know

1. Your wedding isn’t an event to invite your ex-girlfriend. Never do this.

2. I understand your mother means a lot to you but you should understand as the groom that your mother isn’t in charge of planning your wedding. Your bride is responsible for planning your wedding and you should ensure you offer to be involved in the planning of your wedding.

3. Set a realistic budget and stick to it so you don’t end up in huge debts after your wedding.

4. It is important you coordinate your outfit with that of your bride so ensure you ask her for details about her dress.

5. You should ensure you look good on the day of your wedding by having a professional shave and manicure the morning of your wedding.

6. I understand it’s the man’s duty traditional to plan the honeymoon but you should ensure you create your honeymoon wish list together so you will choose a location you both would love.

7. Ensure your jacket sleeves allow for one centimetre of the shirt to be seen.

8. Start your shopping early so you would have enough time for any alterations.

9. Plan a spectacular honeymoon that you would always remember. Your honeymoon should have romance, adventure, pleasure and relaxation.

10. Be romantic. Plan a surprise for your bride during the wedding reception. A poem, special song, love quotes or even a surprise gift would be nice.

11. You are going to take lots of pictures on your wedding day so try visiting a dentist a couple of weeks before the event to have a professional teeth cleaning and whitening.

12. Manage your men. A friend who is careless shouldn’t be responsible for bringing your ring to the ceremony and ensure you choose responsible friends so they don’t end up ruining your day.

13. It’s your wedding so you should be involved in the planning when necessary and your bride would love that. It makes her know she isn’t alone.

14. Buy your shoes a month before the wedding and ensure you match your tie or handkerchief to a colour in your waistcoat, as all the same colour can look too solid.

15. I know every man expects to have sex on their wedding night but the truth is it isn’t always realistic after a stressful wedding and don’t take it to mean it’s a preview of how your sex life would be for the rest of your life.

Have a lovely wedding.