Many people run away from long distance relationships because they believe long distance relationships are doomed to fail but this is not really true.

Here are 15 reasons why long distance relationships are the best

1. When in a long distance relationship, every message and call is valued.

2. The time you share with your partner is few and far between so you make every moment with your partner count.

3. When in a long distance relationship, you are less likely to confuse love with lust. Long distance relationships are normally based on emotional intimacy rather than physical intimacy.

4. Long distance relationships teach the importance of trust. You will learn to trust your partner when in a long distance relationship because without trust, a long distance relationship can’t work.

5. Couples in long distance relationships tend to spend more time having quality conversations and this makes couples in long distance relationship know each other inside and out.

6. In normal relationships we find ourselves struggling not to lose ourselves in a relationship due to lack of space from our partner to do the things we enjoy doing alone. When in a long distance relationship, you always have enough time for yourself.

7. The moment when you see your partner again after a long while is always priceless.

8. Sex in long distance relationships are way better than sex in normal relationships. This is because sex is amazing after you have gone months without touching, kissing, loving your significant other.

9. Couples in long distance relationships communicate more. In order to compensate for the distance, couples in long distance relationships call and text more and we know communication helps build a relationship.

10. Being in a long distance relationship will teach you to be romantic. Since you can’t always be together, you tend to make up for it by writing good poems, sending gifts and being good with words.

11. The countdown to seeing your partner is always worth all the suspense and anticipation. You don’t get this when in a normal relationship.

12. When in a long distance relationship, you talk more about plans for the future than in a normal relationship.

13. Being in a long distance relationship will teach you how to be open with your partner because you end up talking about anything and everything with your partner.

14. Long distance relationship teaches you how to be patient because you have no other option.

15. You learn the true meaning of love when in a long distance relationship. You will never truly understand what it means to be in love until you’ve been separated from your partner and are forced to make things work regardless of the circumstances.