It doesn’t matter if you are about to get married, newly married or have been married for years, these tips about marriage will definitely help you have a successful marriage.

Here are 15 important things every woman should know about having a successful marriage

1. You can’t have a successful marriage if you aren’t good at forgiving. Your partner will make mistakes sometimes and you have to be willing to forgive.

2. Getting married to save your relationship with your partner won’t save your relationship. If your relationship with your partner was terrible before marriage, it’s more likely going to get worse after marriage.

3. You have to be selfless and avoid being selfish if you want a successful marriage. Carefully consider the impact of your choices on your partner.

4. Your husband married you because he wanted a wife and not another mother. Stop trying to be like his mother by dictating everything he does.

5. Accept your husband as he is and not for what you want him to be. Many marriages are struggling today because many have failed to appreciate their spouse.

6. You have to go into marriage with an open heart because there are certain habits about your spouse you won’t know until you start living with him after getting married to him.

7. Never talk negatively about your husband in public. Protect the image of your husband.

8. It’s always preferable you meet a counselor for advice if you are going through a difficult time in your marriage and not your family or friends. This is because your family and friends are not the most objective people to give advice.

9. Love is not just a feeling, it’s also a commitment. Without the commitment to remain in love, love will fade away.

10. Never compare your husband with anyone else’s husband. This isn’t good for your marriage because it creates unrealistic expectations.

11. Don’t just be his wife, be his best friend too. Your marriage is more likely to stand the test of time if you and your husband are best friends.

12. Respect is an important trait that is found in every successful marriage. Treat your husband with respect. Don’t belittle him in public and make him feel irrelevant.

13. Learn to choose your battles wisely. Overlook the little things and don’t create something big out of nothing. Nobody wins an argument in a successful marriage.

14. It’s wrong to expect your husband to know why you are angry. Learn to communicate your feelings.

15. Love yourself. You can’t love your husband if you don’t love yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have.