Shy ladies could be quite funny with their gestures when they are interested in a man. And it’s even very difficult to know if a shy lady truly likes you or not.

These are some of the things she could do

1. She could talk to everyone else but you.

2. She could tell everyone how much she likes you and act otherwise when she sees you.

3. She stares at you when you aren’t watching and turns away when you look in her direction.

4. Don’t be surprised to see her come around you often and say nothing to you.

5. She’d engage in accidental eye contacts a lot and feel embarrassed when your eyes meet.

6. She could even try to be more serious when with you so she doesn’t sell herself short.

7. If she knows someone close to you, she’d ask a lot of questions about you.

8. Expect her to blush a lot and smile at your jokes when you finally get talking to her.

9. Expect a lot of pretence.

10. And when you both cross path, she could act awkwardly when with you.

11. She could even become friends with your friends just to get closer to you.

12. A shy lady will never initiate the conversation and would only respond and let you speak when you both begin to talk.

13. When you both start getting to talk, expect her to smile and laugh a lot when with you.

14. She’d always check you out on social media. This one is a given.


These are some things most shy ladies do when they like a guy. But in all that shyness, she has a wonderful soul.