happy couple

There are certain traits every man expects from the woman in their life but struggle to tell her.

Ladies, here is your lucky day because I am about to reveal 13 things every man expects from the woman in his life

1. Every man wants a woman who respects him. Respect is important to men and it hurts men badly when the woman they love disrespect them.

2. He wants his space to do the things he loves doing. He needs you to trust him and not act too clingy.

3. Man naturally want to do things in their own time and nagging him will only make him withdraw.

4. He loves it when you care about the things that he loves.

5. He wants you to tell him what you want and not expect him to read your mind. Men aren’t mind readers.

6. He wants to feel loved. He craves for love and attention even though he won’t admit it.

7. He wants you to appreciate the things he does. When you appreciate him for doing something, he will be happy to do it again.

8. Just because he looked at that girl who walked past doesn’t necessary mean he wants to sleep with her.

9. He loves it when you initiate sex sometimes because it makes him feel desired.

10. He doesn’t like it when you tell him what to do. You treat him like a kid when you act that way.

11. Nothing hurts him more than being rejected in bed by his wife. He feels hurt emotionally when you reject him in bed.

12. He wants to feel wanted. He understands you can survive without him but he also wants to feel needed.

13. He wants you to run to him for support because he always wants to be there for you.