There are two things about every relationship/marriage; it will either work or fail and you will either do the wrong thing or the right thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people do the wrong things the right way or do the right things the wrong way and expect the right results — but it can’t be.

These are some of the things many couples do consistently to hurt their marriages:

1. Fighting over little things.

2. Pointing accusing fingers at each other all the time.

3. Debating on who’s right and who’s wrong.

4. Keeping secrets you ought to tell your partner.

5. Criticising your partner and thinking you are good enough.

6. Trashing your issues in public.

7. Giving your partner less attention and expecting them to understand.

8. Talking bad about your partner to others.

9. You both have different expectations and no one is willing to compromise.

10. Trying to win a quarrel/argument with your partner.

11. You fail to keep your anger and other ugly emotions in check.

12. You hide things from your partner and tell lies when a simple truth would have sufficed.

13. You both keep wishing that you’d treat each other better and no one takes the first step to treat the other partner better.


In all, many people tend to see their partners as the enemy and their relationship as a bed of stones. But it’s all because of the foolish things we do as the right things that make our relationships pay the price.