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If you are single and need someone to love, I advice you first digest these quotes because before you seek for love, it’s important you work on yourself first.

Below are 11 lovely quotes every single woman needs to know

1. “Relationships are a reflection of what’s going on inside of you” – Nicole Dirocco

2. “Often we attract the unavailable because we ourselves are unavailable” – Lorna Poole

3. “Unspoken expectations lead to one place, and that’s resentment” – Charles J. Orlando

4. “Players are only attractive to you when you are not ready for a relationship” – Lorna Poole

5. “If I say hi to someone and they don’t say hi back, I just say hi to the next person” – Tracy Steinberg

6. “If you are feeling miserable as a single person, you are going to be miserable in a relationship” – Erin Tillman

7. “Love is a verb. It requires ongoing effort and evolves with time” – Samantha Burns

8. “When you have a vision of what your life looks like with a partner, you should be already living in it” – Jaki Sabourn

9. “They are beautiful not because they’re fashion queens, they’re beautiful because they know who they are and they like themselves” – Nicole Dirocco

10. “In order for someone to feel another’s love and devotion, you first have to feel love and devotion for yourself. It’s the ultimate secret for attracting and creating relationships” – Nicole Dirocco

11. “Start to be the woman you want to be now” – Summer Innanen