Maturity isn’t judged by age because there are men who are in their 40s but still act immature. Maturity is judged by how a man reacts to situations around him.

Here are 10 things a man who is truly mature will never do in his relationship

1. A mature man doesn’t put his friends before his partner. He makes his partner his priority and isn’t afraid to turn down a night out with friends sometimes in favour of spending time with his partner.

2. A mature man doesn’t run away when faced with a difficult situation in his relationship. He deals with issues in his relationship.

3. A mature man doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities. A mature man embraces his responsibilities in his relationship and takes ownership of them.

4. A mature man will never hit a woman no matter how angry he is or how wrong the woman is.

5. A mature doesn’t live for the moment but is mature enough to know that living for the moment and not making plans for tomorrow is living recklessly.

6. A mature man will never take his woman for granted. He treats his woman with love and respect.

7. A mature man doesn’t hold grudges if his partner offends him. He easily forgives his partner and moves on.

8. A mature man isn’t proud to accept his mistake and ask for forgiveness. He takes responsibility for his mistakes and sincerely apologises.

9. A mature man isn’t an insecure man. A mature man doesn’t get jealous because his partner has a male friend. Insecurity can make a man jealous even when there’s no reason for him to be jealous.

10. A mature man is faithful and keeps to one woman alone. Only immature men cheat on their partner. A mature man doesn’t toy with the emotions of a woman.