Putting a smile on your man’s face and making him happy is also good for the relationship, especially if you have a man that cares so much about seeing you smile and does so much to make you happy. Putting a smile on his face would go a long way in making the relationship happier and healthier.

So what can you do to put a smile on his face?

1. Compliment him. If he looks good, you should compliment him or if you see anything you admire in him, pay him some compliments and you’d easily put a smile on his face.

2. Appreciate him. Every man wants to feel appreciated by his woman; he wants to know that the efforts put into the relationship isn’t a waste of time. Appreciating him is a sure way to make him smile.

3. Be friendly. He doesn’t want to see a drama queen version of you; he wants to see a kind and friendly woman in you. This would make him feel comfortable and happy with you.

4. Genuine care. Genuinely be interested in his activities. Care about what’s going on in his life, and it shouldn’t be like a chore to you, but it should be something you really want to do.

5. Affection. Find little ways to show him that you care about him and that you adore him. If this doesn’t make him smile, then he clearly doesn’t love you.

6. Surprise him. Men are usually the ones who go all out to surprise their women and do unexpected things to thrill them. Take the initiative once in a while; give him a surprise gesture, and you wouldn’t only put a smile in his face but his heart as well.

7. Make him feel important. Your man wants to be valued, and he wants to take first place in your life. Make him feel important, and show him that he’s valued. He wouldn’t only feel important but valued as well.

8. Respect him. Every man has an ego to be fed, and disrespecting him will only kill his ego. Respect him and never try to belittle him.

9. Forgive him. He’s definitely going to make mistakes and he wants to be forgiven. He doesn’t want a little mistake to ruin the relationship or have to plead for weeks just because of a little misunderstanding. If he made a mistake, be willing to give him a listening ear.

10. Look for cute ways to show him that you love him. Men are thrilled when the women they love do something to show how much they are cared for.


Making your man smile might not be so difficult after all, and if you can pull this off, be sure that your man will do ten times more for you.



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