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Maturity has nothing to do with age but everything to do with attitude.

Below are 10 signs that prove you are now a mature man

1. You no longer spend every free time you have drinking with friends and wasting your life.

2. When seeking a woman to date, you no longer care much about physical attributes but instead choose ambitious women with goals.

3. You stop thinking being a real man means sleeping with lots of women. You are now more into exclusive relationships.

4. You stop seeing your parents as annoying and instead start seeing them as an important part of your life. You now go to them for advice.

5. You now understand the value of having good health and begin to take your health seriously.

6. You now know why having bad friends won’t help you in life. You go for quality instead of quantity when it comes to friends you keep.

7. You reduce unnecessary late nights and wasteful spending.

8. You take your finances seriously and work hard to improve your finances.

9. You stop being pushed around and start making your own decisions.

10. You now understand the importance of savings and start saving for the raining day. You stop seeing your money as something that should be spent and start seeing it as something you can grow.



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