Love and romance are two words that go hand in hand and they have every right to; they are more like brothers and sisters. Love can make your relationship sweet but romance would give it that sweeter feeling. *smiles*. Romance is an art and it’s one that every guy knows; have you ever heard someone say “you are not romantic” or you are not romantic enough”?  That’s because not everyone is romantic enough. Being romantic isn’t about buying cars or expensive gift items; it has less to do with money but more to do with the mind.

Make that love sweeter, add some romance to it; you can never be too old for romance. These ten tips would add that spark to your love life.

1. Take an evening stroll

Taking a stroll with your lady in a chilly evening can do a lot of good to your relationship. When on a stroll, you guys can reflect on so many things and it would most definitely strengthen your bond.

2. Hang with friends

Hang out with her friends, do a joint hang out with friends; do fun stuffs with friends. It adds that spark to both your relationship and your friendship with your pals and hers. It adds a different dimension of passion to your relationship. It adds energy to it.

No one is too old to be in love and to be romantic as well. Being romantic is an art that everyone needs to learn. If you are in love, show it; if you love someone, prove it. This piece isn’t for the guys alone; being a romantic woman isn’t a crime.

3. Watch a movie head on laps

Watching a movie head on laps is the perfect romantic scene for two lovers when they are home. It’s an old romantic scene but one that would work forever. I still can’t figure out what makes this special but i sure know it works.

4. Surprises

You want to know the funniest thing about surprises; they are always surprising. Surprise gifts are magical; surprise visits and surprise dates are no exception. Spontaneity is one thing that would give your relationship that Disney feeling even without you visiting Disneyland.

5. Watch the stars together

I used to think that this scene was only one for the movies until I sat outside with a girl I really did care about and watched the stars with her. There is something magical about the stars that can bond the hearts of two lovers, don’t take it for granted. If you doubt me, then give it a try; I bet my last dollar that the outcome would be phenomenal.

6. Massage

A massage is never a bad idea more especially when your partner is tired. It brings that relief and that feeling that you’re loved. And he/she would definitely repay back; it’s human nature.

7. Send odd messages

Sending your partner a message when you guys are together is never a bad idea. She could be in the kitchen and you just send her that odd message about something you love about her or tease her and she would put up that smile because it was unexpected. This would surely keep your partner smiling sheepishly and send a tingle down his/her spine. This romantic trick always works; there is just something different about this.

8. Written notes still brings out that smile

Keeping some romantic notes written by you in places that she would find them is also cute. Trust me she would read it over and over again with a smile on her face. You need to know that written words are never old-fashioned.

 9. A boat cruise

People tend to underestimate the power of water. Swimming with your lady or more importantly taking a boat cruise with her can add that spark to your relationship and make it all the more romantic. If you doubt me, take a stroll to a beach and see what the power of water can do to two lovers. The love scene that goes with a boat cruise would thrill you.

10. Praise and pampering

Everyone needs to hear that praise for something good they have done. This has no restriction; it isn’t only meant for the guys. Ladies should also praise that guy that she loves. And that occasional pampering brings a great feeling of love.



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