Garlic is a herb used by many as a flavouring in cooking but what many don’t know is that garlic has so many health benefits.

Below are 10 health benefits of garlic

1. According to a study carried out by Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in China, people who eat raw garlic at least twice a week have a 44% lower risk of developing lung cancer.

2. Consuming garlic regularly will help increase your s*x drive because it helps promote blood circulation.

3. A study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy found that garlic is a powerful antibiotic which has the potential to reduce disease-causing bacteria.

4. People who are diabetic will find garlic very useful because garlic regulates blood sugar level.

5. A study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention found that men who ate garlic have a lower risk of prostrate cancer.

6. Garlic is good for the heart. A study by researchers at Emory University School of Medicine found that garlic protects the heart.

7. Garlic helps keep the blood pressure normal by causing the walls of the blood vessels to relax.

8. Regular consumption of garlic thins the blood and help reduce the risk of blood clot formation and stroke.

9. Consuming garlic helps lower bad cholesterol.

10. Garlic help prevent brain tumour due to organo-sulphur compounds found in garlic that destroys brain tumour cells.