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Ladies never stop wondering what guys always talk about when they are together. Ever noticed when a group of guys are discussing and you walk by, they all keep mute. Sometimes they do it even without knowing.

Every group of male friends have what they talk about but there are some topics almost every set of guys always discuss about. Guys can talk for very long hours and such talks always go with laughter.

In a corresponding order, I bring you 10 frequent male gists.

1. SEX

Sex is one topic a group of male friends always talk about; they talk about girls they have had, the ones that were good, the ones that were bad, the experience they would never forget, the ones they have recently had, and it goes on and on. Such talks can last for hours; almost every day, guys talk about sex and they feel really free to share their experiences with each other.


Sometimes, it’s not just sex, sports too takes even a longer time than sex just that sex is more frequent. Guys love sports, and talking about sports can take their time all day long. They are passionate about it and they don’t care; wherever they find themselves, they can discuss about sports.


I know ladies always feel guys talk about them all the time. It’s the truth but it’s not the complete truth; s*x and sports take a huge amount of frequent male talks but talks about girls are not far behind. As a matter of fact, these 3 topics can even be exchanged and you would still be correct. You just wouldn’t believe some things guys talk about girls; they talk about their female neighbours, a girl they like, the ones they hate, the ones they feel are sexy, even the awkward ones, the ones they would never forget, the ones they just met; so many talks about girls. This is also another guy’s talk that can go on for hours.


Making money is every guy’s priority and they see it as a must. Guys always talk about how to make money, their plans and all. More especially, they also talk about how they would spend the money (which is very funny because some haven’t even gotten the money yet). Guys also talk about guys that have made loads of cash, the girls that are chasing after them and even the guys that don’t have money. Money talk always interest guys; both the rich and the poor ones.


Money and cars go side by side when it comes to guys. If you ask every guy the first thing he would buy with money, he would say a car. Guys are freaked about cars; almost every guy has a dream car. Guys talk about the price of cars, the people who drive such cars, their favourite, the first car they would love to buy, the functions that make a car unique. Guys do talk about cars a lot, they just can’t stop.


Guys joke a lot and that is the reason why they are always laughing. Even when a serious discussion is on, they just might throw in a little joke. Guys joke about everything and they love when they spend time joking; it’s usually fun, trust me you would enjoy it. The 5 previously listed guy’s frequent talks go along with some jokes. You would hardly see a group of guys and hear them not joke about issues. This world would really have been a boring place without guys.


Guys love innovation and a good phone is one of such things. They love phones and they also talk about it. Others also talk about games a lot; Playstation and Xbox more especially. Gadgets as well aren’t left out in this category.


Guys throw back a lot. Throw back is like reflecting on the past and guys do that a lot; though this is mostly done by old-time buddies. Whenever old-time buddies are together, they reflect on various things they did or knew back in the days. It’s usually fun and also revealing. So many secrets are let out here.


Most guys love music or movies or both combined and they talk about it a lot. The guys that talk about music most times are rap lovers; they just love music talk with fellow rap lovers. Action movies also thrill guys and they also talk about it.


Random gists could be anything. It would surprise you some things guys talk about; some are really awkward stuffs. And one major thing guys do is argue; it’s really frustrating watching a guy argue and most argue blindly too. If you hear them from afar, you might even think they are fighting but it is just an argument. Guys always have heated arguments.

Ladies always have that perception that guy’s talk is only about them and that isn’t true; guys talk about everything. So now you know what they talk about when they are in a bar or just at home or anywhere possible they find themselves.


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