With each generation, divorce rates seem to be on the increase and couples of today are usually quick to end their marriage without putting reasonable efforts to save it.

These are some bitter truths you should know about divorce:

1. Bad marriage is a product of both partners and not just one, but couples somehow tend to blame each other when the marriage goes bad.

2. A sustainable marriage isn’t just about love, but tolerance also. When any of these two is lacking, your marriage would suffer.

3. Your children suffer the most when they see their parents fight each other for a divorce. Even if they don’t tell you, they feel a lot of pain and grief.

4. Your kids would always have that wish that their parents come back together and live like one big happy family.

5. The period of divorce would bring some traits you wouldn’t believe you have.

6. Many marriages don’t just end after divorce, especially when they have kids. The marriage might be over but some things could still linger on.

7. Divorce could make you both lose your minds.

8. Divorce isn’t just about you and your spouse. Your children also have their own share of the experience and you wouldn’t believe what’s going on in their minds.

9. Sharing properties isn’t that easy.

10. Most partners don’t try to save their marriage till it’s pretty late and the problems have reached a point where it cannot be solved.


These are some bitter truths about divorce many couples are unaware of.