When a lady agrees to be in a relationship with a man, she needs certain assurances to make that relationship worthwhile or else doubts might begin to creep in.

When a relationship is doing well, it means those assurances are being met, but when a relationship is on fire, then it means certain assurances are not being fulfilled.

Assurance in a relationship isn’t what you say, it is what you do, and the moment you stop doing them, your relationship might just turn sour.

I bring you ten assurances every woman just needs to make that relationship worthwhile to her.


When a man is not trustworthy, the relationship would be shaky; the woman won’t be at peace. When a lady starts monitoring all the doings of the man, it just means the relationship is shaky because the assurance of trust hasn’t been fulfilled. Women love it when they can trust a man. You don’t assure her with trust by saying, it’s by action.


Every woman wants a man who’s faithful; it’s a thing of joy when your man is real and true to you, when you know that he wouldn’t have a fling with no other person but you. Such a man is hard to come by but women still enter a relationship with that assurance that her man would be faithful to her. A faithful man is a woman’s treasure; it’s more than a bragging right to her that her man is hers alone.


Now this is one common assurance every lady needs. Before I entered into a relationship with a lady I really did care about, she asked me a question that really got me startled, and I’d share it with you all. She said “promise me you won’t get tired of me because I’m such a case”. I knew I did like her a lot and wouldn’t get tired of her but the fact she just needed that assurance got me all startled. The truth is, women have their shortcomings and they know it, so they just need a man who would still love them despite their shortcomings.


Now this is another one that every woman needs. Every woman needs a man who would be there at all times, through her happy mood and all through the bad times. She knows there would definitely be the bad times but she needs a man who would get through the bad patch with her. Having a man through the bad times would only make things easier.


Every lady wants to be happy and you won’t blame them, relationship should be a tool for attaining happiness. So every lady wants that special man who would always make her happy. When a lady is happy, the relationship would be a happy one but when she’s unhappy, trust me that relationship would be on the brink of collapse. It’s that simple, show me a happy woman and I’d show you a happy home. Women need a man who would make them happy.


Every lady surely values a man who would love and cherish her. When a lady is in a relationship with a man who his love is in doubt, she wouldn’t be at ease but when the man is all about her it would be a thing of joy to her. Having a man who loves you no matter what is not always easy to come by. This is the most important assurance every woman wants from her man.


Bearing in mind how untrustworthy men can be, this is another extremely important assurance every woman needs from her man. Giving out your heart to someone in a relationship is never an easy task, and sometimes what a lady gets in return after giving her heart out is nothing but a broken heart. Heartbreaks are painful and not something every lady would want to experience a second time. So it’s very important that she’s assured won’t get hurt.


Care means different things to different women. But one sure thing every woman most definitely wants from her man is for him to show her that he cares about her. Every lady needs that assurance of care not just in words but in action.


Every lady wants a man who would forever cherish her. Ladies love it when their man makes them the centre of attraction, when they are everything to him. Every lady needs that assurance from her man that he would always value her and treat her like his queen.


This is one thing men are fond of doing; lying at all times. Women love it when a man is truthful at all times, it would just make things easier and smoother in that relationship. Most times, women secretly need that man who they can believe in at all times. Men are always full of tales, but having a man who his yes is surely his yes and his no is his no is a good thing; there is nothing re-assuring than that.

Before entering a relationship or even while in a relationship, these are some of the assurances every woman needs. As simple as they all are, it is still hard to see a man that would meet all these assurances. So ladies, if you have a man that is true to you, also value him and keep him.



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