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Masturbation is a way of deriving sexual pleasure. It is pleasing oneself sexually without the aid of a partner.

Medicine has stated over and over that the practice is not harmful both in the long and short run, but we all know that medicine only knows what it can know.

Masturbation has psychological effects on you in the long run. It won’t drive you mad, no, but it can deprive you of actual sexual pleasure eventually. I have met people who have complained of an inability to enjoy sex with ether partner after years of addictive masturbation.

It’s also true that a lot of people are looking for a way to quit, but have not been successful in doing that, and that’s because it could become a very strong addiction. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to let go. Masturbation, however is not impossible to overcome. It just takes a lot of grit and determination. Here are a few ideas that could help.


Pornography is the strongest link to masturbation. More than 80% of people who engage in the act do it with porn. Hence, the quickest way to stay away from it is to stay away from the source of the urge. It’s not easy, I have to admit, but look at it this way, masturbation can deny you of so much. It can even cause you to be poor at your job if not carefully managed. So there are some very good reasons to stop. Look at the benefits, and consider the disadvantages, they will motivate you to keep going.


Drastic times require drastic measures. There’s a good chance the kind of friends you keep are the ones who encourage you to do a lot of pornography, or they don’t have an issue with masturbation itself. You want to make sure you steer clear of such friends, and swap them for more positive people who would encourage you on your new journey. It’s probably going to be a difficult decision to make, but you can do it.


Sex is actually an addiction on its own. The more you do it, the more you want to get of it. And when you can’t have it, you seek an alternative source of satisfaction, hence masturbation. So it’s a good idea to avoid sex entirely for a while. If you have a partner, explain to your partner why you have to, and your partner could even be supportive. The purpose is to build some level of resistance and self-control before you get back to having sex.


One of the finest keys to dealing with an addiction is to look for an alterations addiction (a healthier one). If you want to beat something, you need to find a match for it. If you want to stop masturbation, you have to look for an alternative means to keeping yourself busy, and getting satisfied while at it. If it’s jokes, food, video-gaming, do a lot of it (them). It will help you fight the addiction.

And if you think talking to a psychologist will help, there’s nothing wrong in finding yourself one to talk to, and go through the process together.

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