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Marriage and dating are evolving like the humans that engage in them. To keep up and succeed in them, it’s only right that you evolve with them.

I am sharing 13 tips for every woman willing to enjoy the best relationship there is.

1. There was a time when you could hook any man with the quality of your cooking. That has changed. Today, it’s all about the quality of your brain.

2. If you’re looking to be with only a ‘tall, dark and handsome’ man, you should also be looking to share him, because you’re not the only one looking for such a man. There are better factors to consider in choosing a potential partner.

3. If you allow people push you into marriage or any other relationship, you may soon end up single again…with a child to cater for.

4. A man that hits you before marriage will likely not change even after. Run away.

5. Six to twelve months of dating or courting is enough time to meet his parents and friends. If you don’t after that period, rethink your position. Something could be wrong.

6. A man who is attracted to you because of your body will likely not be yours alone for long. There are other women with better bodies. What are you offering more?

7. If he doesn’t picture you in his future, stop and leave. You’re wasting your time.

8. Trust is a valid and healthy part of a relationship and marriage; so is jealousy. A bit of jealousy is a reminder you do love and care.

9. Don’t waste your years waiting for an unserious man to propose just because his parents loves you, you’re going to be married and living with the man, not his parents.

10. When you move in with a man you intend to marry before marriage, you give him a reason not to propose early enough. After all, he ‘already has a wife’.

11. Nothing wrong in going to your man for advice. If anything, you make him feel more like a man.

12. Your encouragement or concern about his career or job works faster than listening to a motivational tape.

13. Do not endure domestic abuse and violence for love. When you die, everybody moves on. Nothing is worth it. Your health should always come first.

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