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Oftentimes, when a new relationship begins, it’s expected to blossom before hitting the rocks, but this isn’t always so. Sometimes, we find that a new relationship begins to suffer from the very onset, and we wonder why it is so. Sometimes, you meet a new guy, and after the first few meetings, he stops calling. Then, you start to wonder what could have gone wrong.

The truth is we sometimes don’t know how to settle into a new relationship. You’re supposed to ease into it, and allow things play out naturally, but most women start off in exactly the opposite manner. If you’re a lady reading this, you need to understand that there are dos and don’ts in a new relationship. Unless you stick to the rules, you’re likely to end up losing that guy. I’d hate for that to be your lot anyway, so I’m sharing some really good and important tips on how to survive the early stages.

These are the things you must never do in a new relationship.


1. Do not ask him for financial help. No matter how ‘helpless’ and difficult you think that situation is, you can’t ask a guy you just met to help you out. It just gives the impression you’re here for the money, even when you’re not.

2. Don’t take your girls with you when he asks you out on a date. A lot of women are guilty of this offence. It is wrong. He wants to get to know you and spend time with you, not you and your friends. If you’re scared he’ll do something ‘crazy’, make sure the date happens in a public place.

3. Don’t visit him unannounced. Some women immediately assume a relationship has become marriage after a few weeks of intimacy. It is wrong. Never assume. Ask, and inform him of your visit always.

4. Don’t get drunk on that first date. Apart from the fact that you could expose yourself to rape and theft, you could also sell yourself in negative light. It just sells you as a woman without respect for herself.

5. Don’t be too extra with your outfit. Avoid cleavage revealing clothing. Look as responsible as you can. You’ll end up selling yourself the wrong way if you ignore this advice.

6. Leave the ex talk in your head. Some women think it’s cool to immediately raise the ‘ex’ subject to their new guy. It’s rude and wrong. Unless he asks, don’t say.

7. You have personal problems, family issues? Don’t tell him about them for the same reason as you can’t ask him for money. Scroll up to point one to refresh your memory.

8. Don’t pry about the size of his income. He’ll tell you if he wants to. Don’t ask him what car he drives too. These things just scream ‘gold-digger’.

9. Don’t be too quick to flaunt that relationship on social media. The reason is simple. You could end up making a fool of yourself, because to be honest, how are you sure you’re on the same page? Even if you are, he may not be ready for that kinda exposure. And you just don’t wanna seem desperate.

10. Don’t mention marriage immediately. Marriage talk should only come when it’s obvious the two of you are past that ‘friendship’ level. When things have gotten very serious and you know he’s genuinely mad about you.

11. You don’t have to lie about your age. If that relationship takes off, you’ll get exposed eventually.

12. Always take some money of your own along with you on a first date. There’s nothing wrong with offering to pay. And you never know, he may decide to bail and leave you embarrassed.

13. Don’t ask to meet his family and friends unless he offers to.

14. Don’t lie about your virginity or sexual status. If you’re actively having sex, be forthcoming about it, if you’re no longer a virgin, be honest about that too. Lying will complicate things for you tomorrow.

15. Don’t forget your table manners on the first date. Don’t order food you don’t understand. Don’t be unnecessarily rude to restaurant staff and don’t demand for anything expensive. There’s no shame in being courteous and real.

16. Don’t reveal your body count. I don’t know why anyone would even ask this. If he asks or doesn’t, don’t talk about it. Especially if it’s a huge number.




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