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Honestly, I don’t even like to use that word, ‘side chick’ because I think it’s disrespectful to women, but the truth is there are a lot of women who embrace their ‘side chick’ status, and it’s disappointing.

So who is a side chick? Well, a side chick is a woman who plays backup to another woman in a relationship. A man has a girlfriend or wife, but then, because he can’t be mature enough to control the urge to cheat, he runs after another, usually for sex or some other kind of satisfaction.

The interesting thing about side chicks today is while a lot of women do not know they’re playing second fiddle, there are an even very impressive many who know, and willingly accept to be backup. But for those who do not know they’re a side chick, how do you really know?



I know that it’s not everybody that’s bold enough to show affection to their lover publicly, but there are different ways to do it without having to put yourself in a position where you have to feel embarrassed or shy.

If your man can’t hold you in public, what about social media? Technology has made things easier than they ordinary would be. I think it’s deception for anyone to say they can’t show love to someone they genuinely care about on social media just because they’re ‘very private’ or introverted. If you’re with some guy, and he has never shown you love in public in any way, you should reconsider that relationship.



So you think you’re dating that guy, yet, you can’t recall ever having a close heart to heart conversation with him. Every time you bring up a serious subject about the way you feel inside about anything, he stylishly brushes it aside. The reason isn’t because he’s ‘all fun’, it’s because he knows that talking about issues of the heart with you would only further complicate matters when he wants to move on from your affair.



I don’t care what anybody thinks, there’s no such thing as ‘just me and my baby.’ Anyone who says that is perhaps trying to hide something. If you say that because you don’t like people prying into your relationship, fine, but then, all your friends can’t be that nosy, are they? Any man who can’t ever show you to any of his friends is probably trying to make sure there isn’t much linking the two of you together.



No one is ‘too busy’ if they truly care. That phrase is a lie fabricated to string unsuspecting people along, and give them the impression they matter. How can two people be in a relationship, yet one person choose not to keep in touch? And when they do, it’s to see you…for sex or some other need. That is an obvious sign you’re only good enough for that particular need, you can’t be with a person like that.


Being a side chick is not something that should be encouraged. If you’re willingly playing back up to some guy today, knowing he’s in a relationship, remember…karma.



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