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Characters, attitude, habits and traits — these are all powerful tools in the inside of a man; they can either make you or ruin you.

Your behavioural pattern stems out from the traits and attitude deep within you, and that’s why at Elcrema, we are interested in your character, because this is what makes you up.

And I’ve done a brief list of some characters you shouldn’t for any reason have inside of you.

Below are characters you should save yourself from:


You know you are a jealous person when you can’t celebrate other people’s success. Jealousy is a hidden trait found in almost every person, but you have the power to control it. It becomes a trait and a habit when you don’t control it. This dangerous attitude will make you think wickedly in your thoughts. Every jealous person has a dangerous heart and should be stayed far away from.

Learn to rejoice with others and celebrate their successes.


Learn to be contented with what you have; choose to be satisfied with your current position even though you have dreams of a better tomorrow. Discontentment will make you forget about your future, goals and dreams and will push you to the wrong choices. It’s a destructive force.


Wanting everything and having a dangerous appetite for what isn’t yours is greed. Greed will make you inconsiderate, wicked, selfish and will cause you to do evil things. Every greedy person does wicked things. It’s an evil trait that could bring down a person. Greed kills every form of love and compassion in a person.


Anger is a terrible emotion that could bring you down just within a second. When in your anger zone, your senses aren’t right and your hormones push you to do the wrong things. You can never be angry and want to do something good. Anger is an emotion you should keep far from your heart. The presence of anger is the absence of unhappiness.

Will you rather be angry or happy?


Pride will make you think you are better than everyone else, pride will make you look down on others and make you full of yourself. I define a proud person as one who’s foolish and still doesn’t know.

Be grateful if you are better than someone else, be thankful for what you have and appreciate where you are heading to. Pride will kill every sense of dignity in you and with pride, you are just a trigger away from doing something wrong and stupid.


These five traits are dangerous traits, and you should do well to keep them very far from you.


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