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Here are 20 tips about love and relationships that will change your love life.

1. “A woman who opens her heart to love, even after it’s been broken by it, is the strongest and bravest woman you’ll ever meet.” – Unknown

2. “Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.” – Unknown

3. “Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.” – Unknown

4. “Never trust a person that has let you down more than two times. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson and everything more than that is simply taking advantage.” – Unknown

5. “You can’t make a man treat you right but you can make him wish he did.” – Unknown

6. “Be careful what you say. A woman remembers everything.” – Unknown

7. “Once you truly believe you’re worthy of love, you will never settle for anyone’s second-best treatment.” – Charles Orlando

8. “Don’t ignore her when she gives you her undivided attention.” – Unknown

9. “The most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together but grandpa and grandma who grew old together.” – Unknown

10. “Be thankful for wrong relationships. They teach you, change you, strengthen you and prepare you for the right one.” – Unknown

11. “If you are not loyal, trusting and genuine, then you are not ready to love. For love to be real, it has to be pure and honest.” – Unknown

12. “A woman who knows how to love and treat a man like a king deserves to have a man who knows how to love and treat a lady like a queen.” – Unknown

13. “It’s okay to wait for the love you deserve; do not compromise or settle because of loneliness.” – Unknown

14. “Focus on being a better person instead of looking for someone better than your ex. A better you will attract a better next.” – Unknown

15. When making him/her happy is on the top of your to-do list, that’s love.” – Unknown

16. “Anything that cost you your peace is too expensive… learn to let it go.” – Unknown

17. “True love is when you’re far away from each other and no one can take your place.” – Unknown

18. “A real man can’t stand seeing his woman hurt. He’s careful with his decisions and actions, so he never has to be responsible for her pain.” – Unknown

19. “Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.” – Unknown

20. “True love is choosing the many things a person did right rather than the one he did wrong. True love does not keep record of wrongs.” – Unknown


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