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Your reputation is your image; it’s the way people see you, it’s what people think about you and it stems from certain things they have seen in you.

These are some of the ways you are ruining your reputation:

1. Lies and deceit. An honest person can never be trusted, and if you aren’t trusted, how then can you have a good reputation? You kill your reputation with your lies and deceitful acts.

2. Not living up to your words. People trust those who are accountable to their words. If you say something and do another, people will find it difficult to trust you. Be your words.

3. Being two-faced. Two faced people are never trusted. If you are here and there, say something to Mr. A and tell Mr. B another or you live in pretence, then you are two-faced.

4. You gossip. I’m yet to see the first gossiper with a good reputation. If people perceive that you are a gossip, they’d never hold you in high esteem.

5. You always complain. Complaining too much is another action that will hurt your reputation. Complaining is a negative habit and when you have this habit, you’d lose your reputation in the eyes of many.

6. Pride. No one likes a proud and arrogant person. No matter what you have or who you are, your reputation will be at stake when you treat people with disrespect because of your pride.

7. Low self-esteem. If you think lowly of yourself, people will also think lowly of you. Have confidence in yourself and be proud of whom you are; this is different from being an arrogant person. People with low self-esteem have low reputation as well.

8. Habits like trying to overrule other people’s opinion, claiming to be always right, trying to be something you are not etc. will also ruin your reputation.


Your reputation is very important; it can open doors for you or close doors for you, and a lot of the times your reputation stems from what you show to people.


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