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A successful marriage isn’t wished for,  rather it is planned for. The problem in many marriages these days is that couples tend to do a lot of wishing and little working.

Wishing to have a good marriage is just a fool’s dream; it’s the same thing as wishing to have money. The same way you work to have money is just the same way you should work to have a successful marriage.

This might seem so ordinary, but these three ‘have to’ will make your marriage work.

1. YOU HAVE TO FIX CONFLICTS: You shouldn’t shy away from fixing conflicts, and the earlier you fix them, the better. Don’t run away from resolving those issues before they pile up and become toxic. The accumulation of those little issues that aren’t resolved are what usually cause major problems in the future.

2. YOU HAVE TO REACH A MEETING POINT: You have to reach that understanding that you are a team and the team goals are more important than your personal goals. You have to cut off every form of selfishness and work together; reach an understanding, always try to reach a meeting point when it seems you both want different things, and you’d be surprised at how the understanding will keep growing from then on.

3. YOU HAVE TO FIND HAPPINESS: If you want your marriage to be happy then you have to find happiness; the reason many marriages get boring and unexciting is because the partners tend to stop finding happiness. Find happiness and it’ll locate you. Don’t just wish for a happy marriage; create happy moment regularly with your partner, and then you’re having a happy marriage.


In these times where divorce rate is as frequent as marriage ceremonies, these three tips will only make your marriage assured, and the accompanied success will keep everyone in awe.


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