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There are certain things everyone (men and women) find unattractive in the opposite gender but in this article, I want to concentrate on the things men find unattractive in women.

Check them out below

1. Women who get angry in public for any reason and are unable to control their temper are unattractive to men.

2. Men generally find women who nag easily very unattractive. You will nag less if you learn to choose your battles wisely.

3. Many women have the false idea that showing too much is sexy but this is wrong. The more skin you show, the more desperate you appear and this makes you appear unattractive. Reveal the right amount of skin, too much is unattractive.

4. Some women don’t just know how to trust a man and this makes them appear unattractive. Being extremely jealous makes a woman appear unattractive.

5. Women who have a poor hygiene appear unattractive to men. Having a bad breath, body odour, dirty and unkempt hair and wearing dirty or wrinkled clothes make a woman appear unattractive.

6. Being a drama queen makes a woman appear unattractive to a man. No man enjoys being around a woman who creates a storm in a glass of water.

7. A woman who lacks manners will appear unattractive to most men. It’s unattractive when you don’t say “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”.

8. A woman who is generally insecure will appear unattractive to most men. You make yourself unattractive as a woman when you don’t think you are worthy of being with your partner. Have confidence in yourself.

9. Men find women with wandering eyes unattractive. A woman who enjoys flirting with other men makes herself unattractive.

10. Some women enjoy finding faults in everything and this makes them unattractive to most men. Nothing you ever do is right in her eyes.

11. Women who are generally straight-faced and smile very little appear unattractive to men. Smiling makes everyone appear attractive.

12. Some women always ask but never give and this attitude makes them appear unattractive to a man. No one wants to be around a selfish woman.

13. Acting like mother and wanting to decide everything for him will make you appear unattractive to a man. You don’t have to like all his friends but that doesn’t mean you should choose his friends for him.


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