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lovely couple

Saying I love you to your partner regularly is important in every relationship but it isn’t enough. Your partner expects you to also express your love through your everyday actions.

Here are ways to say “I love you” through your actions

1. Flirting with your partner tells your partner you still love him/her.

2. Forgive your partner and try not to bring it up in future.

3. Avoid focusing on the flaws your partner has. Focus instead on the loving qualities your partner has

4. Whether you are right or wrong, be the first person to reach out after a fight. Reaching out doesn’t mean you are admitting fault; it means you love your partner and relationship to let a misunderstanding ruin it. The one who reaches out first is courageous.

5. Always give your partner more than they ask for.

6. Do chores at home. It might not be your duty to wash the dishes but it won’t hurt you or change you from who you are if you wash the dishes.

7. Give your partner undivided attention.

8. Hug and kiss your partner always.

9. Never be too busy to call your partner or send your partner a text. Always stay in touch.

10. Always support your partner. If that passion or dream makes your partner happy, support that dream or passion.

11. Have a regular date night or a weekend getaway with your partner. Focus on your partner during such moments.

12. Always make sure the world sees only the best side of your partner. Brag about your partner’s good qualities to your friends and your partner’s friends.

13. Be willing to inconvenience yourself a little more than you can tolerate just to make your partner happy.

14. Cook a meal for your partner.

15. Stay calm when your partner is angry and worked-up.

16. Always appreciate your partner’s efforts. A thank you or a smile will go a long way.



  1. That is a simple and straighfoward post. Sometimes too, we can still use the power of words to say different things which still means “I love you”. Eg. You are specially special to me.

  2. i have a question when u have done wrong to your partner is it bad to deserve a second chance

  3. Thanks for sharing the cute ideas

  4. Greenwell Ashery | September 8, 2018 at 8:05 pm | Reply

    Thanks for sharing ,
    Useful information like this.

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