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The start of the relationship is usually filled with fun and so much excitement but only few people keep the fun in their relationship after dating for a while.

Here are 12 ways to keep your relationship fresh

1. Playing tit for tat is childish and it does nothing but destroy the trust and connection in your relationship. Avoid tit for tats attitude in your relationship.

2. Do not underestimate the importance of saying thank you.

3. Practice honesty.

4. After dating for a while, people tend to not bother about their appearance and this is wrong. Always take care of your appearance.

5. Spend time with friends too because this will help you avoid being too clingy. When you have fun with friends, it kind of translates into your relationship.

6. Think before you speak. Never use hurtful words on your partner because words once spoken can’t be taken back.

7. If you have problems with your partner, it’s important you address it right away. Stockpiling them in your heart is harmful to your relationship.

8. Be kind to your partner. Make sure you do something daily that will make your partner smile.

9. Maintain intimacy and passion in your relationship by kissing regularly, having a good conversation and cuddling. Intimacy isn’t just sex.

10. Learn to let some issues slide. Not every slight should be addressed. Let to forgive, forget and let go.

11. Create time regularly for your partner.

12. Never be too busy to call or text your partner.


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