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woman checking mans phone

Having a possessive girlfriend is like sitting on a time bomb which could go off any time. If your girlfriend has about one or two of the traits in the list below, you are safe because she’s just being a typical woman but you should know you are in big trouble if she has at least 5 of the traits in the list below.

Below are 14 signs you have a possessive girlfriend

1. She expects the profile pictures of your social media accounts to be her. The day her picture isn’t your profile picture, you know there’s going to be World War 3.

2. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she always checks your phones for signs you might be cheating.

3. She doesn’t want to know where you are or who you are with, she expects you to pick her calls whenever she calls.

4. She expects to know every damn thing that happens in your life. She has to know everything. If you saw a bird fly in the sky, you know she has to know.

5. She stalks you on social media, where you work, your home and places she knows you visit regularly. She can’t just believe a man can be clean and she’s always looking for incriminating evidence. She needs a job with the FBI.

6. You are not permitted to talk to other girls, lets alone be friends with them. The only girl you are permitted to talk to besides her is your sister and cousin. Don’t dare talk to that pretty colleague at work.

7. She expects you to give her your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and phone passwords. You dare not say no.

8. If she sends you a message, she expects an instant reply. She expects you to leave whatever you are doing to reply her message instantly. Don’t give her the excuse of being in a shower or having a meeting with your boss.

9. She hates all your friends and expects you to spend all your free time with her. She sees no reason why you have to hang out with the boys.

10. She doesn’t expect you to have me-time. She expects you to be with her all the time and everywhere.

11. Liking another girl’s picture on Facebook and Instagram will cause her blood to boil and she is definitely going to bring down the roof.

12. You are expected to log in your departure time, destination, arrival at destination, departure and time you arrive home with her. She just has to know where you are going and when you will be back. Also expect calls every 5 minutes from her the moment you leave the house.

13. Your best friend becomes her worst enemy. She expects to have all your attention and she thinks your best friend takes time she could have shared with you.

14. She gives you rules and regulations you have to abide by. You have to deal with your boss giving you rules, your parents giving you rules, elders giving you rules and now your girlfriend.


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