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love couple

When you find him (or maybe you have found him already), these amazing tips would definitely help you love him better. These tips are for every woman around the world who believes in love and also desires to be the best lover and partner to her man. When you meet a man who truly loves you, you ought to love him in return with all of you and these tips would help you do just that.

Below are 40 amazing ways to love your man

1. Give him a wink when he stares at from across the room. He would definitely love this.

2. Always kiss him on the lips any time. Kiss him in the morning, afternoon and night. Don’t rush the kiss; give him a good kiss he would love.

3. Take him somewhere special and pay the bills. Don’t always wait for him to take you somewhere nice, take him out too.

4. Slip a love note into his trouser pockets or wallets. He would definitely smile while reading your note when he sees it.

5. Always cuddle him when you get the chance to.

6. Put a nice music and make him dance with you. This will help bond the both of you.

7. Wake him up in the morning with a good and passionate kiss.

8. Always wear something you feel pretty in. Always amaze him with your beauty.

9. Always give him a warm smile. Doing this would melt his heart and doing this always means you melt his heart always. LOL.

10. Wrap your arms around his neck.

11. Send him a text every morning and night. Reading your text would definitely put a smile on his face.

12. Make sure you go to bed together with him.

13. I earlier wrote about going to bed with him. Do this early so you can talk late into the night with him.

14. Ask him about his day and listen to him.

15. Make good use of the power of touch. Reach out and touch him often.

16. Hold his hands whenever you can.

17. Run your fingers through his hair. This would send a good feeling down his spine.

18. No matter how many times you have heard his jokes, laugh at his jokes.

19. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Fix him his favourite foods.

20. Write a message on his bathroom mirror.

21. Never make him doubt your loyalty and devotion to him.

22. Whisper secrets in his ears.

23. Don’t be shy to let him know you miss him when you do. Always let him know how much you missed him while he was away.

24. Always go for a walk with him and do this while holding hands.

25. Enjoy his company.

26. Seek to be together with him any time you can.

27. Give him a good massage.

28. Plan special surprises for him.

29. Always greet him with a smile on your face.

30. Do something new with him.

31. Bake cookies or cupcakes and have them delivered to him while he is at work.

32. Tell him why you love him. Tell him the things about him that attracts him to you.

33. Fall asleep in his arms whenever possible.

34. Call him up just to say I LOVE YOU.

35. Watch a movie together with him.

36. Watch his favourite sports team play together.

37. Go outside on a clear night and stare at the stars together.

38. Let your fingers do the talking.

39. Say a special prayer for him every day.

40. Look lovingly into his eyes whenever possible


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