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Double dating isn’t an uncommon incident in relationships; many people double date, men and women inclusive, and feel extremely okay about it.

I was drawn into a discussion with a lady more recently, and she made a bold statement which made me write this article. She revealed that she has never double dated before and that there was no real reason to double date. Coming from a lady, I actually was surprised.

I asked her what was her reason for not double dating, and she blew me with a rather unique answer. She simply stated that you won’t double date if you’re in a relationship that makes you happy. So according to her, if you are in a relationship and you don’t find happiness in it, then it means you should quit such a relationship. And if the second person makes you happy then it’s better to be with that person rather than play with the emotions of two people.

That makes sense actually; if you are in a relationship that you are proud of and happy to be in then you have no reason to have just another partner. Also, if you still cling to that relationship of unhappiness and be with another partner, you just might lose your worth in the process. Double dating feels like a safe option, but it isn’t really, and if you call a spade, a spade, double dating is actually living a fake life — a life with no commitment, trust, truths and so many negativity.

People give the excuse of not being sure, that’s why they double date…to become assured of who they should settle with. In all honesty, the fact that you are unsure about a partner and have to date another partner means you don’t truly love that partner or you aren’t truly happy being in that relationship; because if you find that partner that makes you feel like the most important person on earth then you wouldn’t have a reason to double date.

Do you really think there is a genuine reason to double date? Do you see double dating as a good insurance policy?




  1. i feel so hurt because i am double dating. but really love him and he loves me too but there was a girl before me. i just don’t want to loose him. please help me i am so worried and need help to be able to manage and live with the fact that he has someone before me.

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