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Hello people, welcome to another segment of our Elcrema Sunday love special, a segment dedicated strictly to talks about what goes in relationships. This is going to be the last Elcrema Sunday Love Special of the year 2014, and just like everyone else I’m also looking forward to the New Year and a greater Elcrema Sunday Love Special. It’s important to note that we couldn’t have come this far without you guys.

I’ve met so many men and ladies with diverse views about sharing the financial burden in a relationship, and more recently I was drawn to an argument between some ladies in a forum about shared financial responsibilities—one lady was particular about how it’s the man’s job solely, with a few in support of her while others differed as well.

Drama and I (Shawn) would air our views on shared financial responsibilities and your views would as well be welcomed.

First, let’s read Drama’s opinion


As far as I’m concerned, this shouldn’t even be a debate. There’s a reason it’s called a relationship, and I believe that’s because it involves two people. Two grown people who freely decide(d) to come together and share their lives, so how can one party expect the other to bear all the burden that it brings? I think that is absolutely ridiculous.

Responsibilities should be shared in relationships according to the financial strengths of the parties involved. I would have said according to the roles of the parties involved, but that wouldn’t be fair because there are cases where the husband earns far lower than the wife so I think it’s better it’s shared depending on their financial strengths.

If the man earns more, he does more, and if it’s the woman who earns more, she gets more responsibilities. And basically, this all boils down to having great understanding between yourself and your partner. If that is in place, sharing responsibilities wouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s just sad to see that most women these days want to leave everything to the man in the relationship just because he’s ‘the man’, but that isn’t the way it ought to be. There’s no way one person can do everything.  One of the reasons you are in their life is to help and support them in every area, not just to warm their beds. Nothing should be an excuse for you not to assist your partner; if you do not have a job, go ahead and get one or start up something on your own. You can’t expect your boyfriend to take you out on a date every time and bear the burden of paying the bills all alone. As his girl, you’re supposed to take care of some of it. That’s the way it should be. In fact, helping with some of the responsibilities will earn you more respect and love from your partner, but some people do not know this. When you’re in a relationship, and you leave everything to the man, you make yourself a liability, and trust me, nobody wants a liability around them. So if you’re a woman like this, you must change your perspective and be more supportive of your man.

Click below to read Shawn’s opinion



  1. just about the step i want to take…to discuss this issue with My Queen but i think supporting role will earnestly be the right step…lovely article..thanks guys

  2. My boyfriend left all the burden on me and he earns more salary More than I do, I just feel like stopping all those facility I use to give him

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